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For using the flash advertising media, you have to prepare this accordingly (to ensure a click counting). When you call the flash file, then this will be passed to a HTTP GET parameter named "clickTag" (clickDay) (please take attention to the uppercase and lowercase). The URL is coded and corresponds to the placeholder %urlredirect2%. The Flash Script must take this url at the start and activate at each click. Corresponding to the purpose of %urlredirect2%, the coded original URL must be appended as target to the URL.

Multiple-clicking URLs:

For Flash advertising media it is possible to specify several click-URLs, which can be called up according to the request. All URLs must be separated from each other with a line break (see \r\n or \n or #13#10# or #10).The URLs will be passed per clickTag or clickTagN to the flash file:

clickTag=1. URL
clickTag1=2. URL
clickTag2=3. URL 


If only one URL will be specified, then only clickTag will be used.

Divergent ClickTag's (ClickDay´s):

If for flash advertising media different clickTag parameters should be used, then must  the neccessary parameter name within of two pipes (I) infront of the click URL be noted. For example:


... it results in an output as a parameter:


Click tracking flash: To activate the click tracking in the flash advertising media, then this should over the entire surface be clickable (mouse cursor hand). The advertising media must inlcude a per parameter passed URL
and have to call this up by clicking. The name of the parameters should be as standard "clickTag" (attention to uppercase and lowercase letters), as long as no other as this parameter is used, must this accordingly indicated (see above).

Example script:
on(release){ getURL(clickTag, "_blank"); } 

So long as multiple clickable zones are used, must for each zone its own parameter be used. The parameter name is here clickTag (clickDay), clickTag1 (clickDay1), clickTag2 (clickDay2) etc, the settings can be as well changed depending on the advertising media (see above). Example code: 

on(release){ getURL(clickTag, "_blank"); }
on(release){ getURL(clickTag1, "_blank"); }