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Note:More information to technical implementation of HTML advertising materials can also be found in the section technique.

Campaign       Campaign, which is assigned to the advertising material.

Name              Name of the advertising material (purely informative)

Target URL      URL, which should appear if you click on the advertising.For this,             corresponding paramteter must be available in the advertising material. See Chapter technique.

HTML code      HTML code of the advertising material.

Width/Height   Width/Height of the HTML code. Important: This value is used for the assignment of the advertising material to the suitable advertising space and must be always specified correctly.

Status           Determines whether an advertisement will be delivered or not. Advertising material with the status active will be only delivered.

Active from/to Determines from what point in time the status of this advertising material will switch from ready to active and vice versa. Advertising material with the status disabled will not be automatically converted.

Position         Determines whether the position of the banner should be supplementary changed.Available are "do not change" and "relative" and "absolute."

relative: The advertisement will be relative to the position where it had been, without repositioning, postponed.The information left = 100, top = 200 means that the advertising material will be moved 100 pixels to the left and 200 pixels down.

absolute:The advertisement will be absolutly placed on the margin of the window.The information left = 100, top = 200 means that the advertisement will be exactly placed at the position of 100x200 from the top left margin.

Please note:Repositioning will apply only if the advertising is displayed per script, with the use of IFrames, the advertising will not be repositioned.

Left/Top    Distance to the left or top of the new positioned advertising material.

Deliver as layer     Determines whether the advertising material will be delivered as a layer than as a banner. Advertising material marked as layer, will not be longer delivered via a banner advertising space, but only via a popup / popunder / layer advertising space.

Display closing     Determines whether a close button should be displayed at the layer.

Closing function   Determines the name of the function which is responsible for the closing of the layer (see notes).

Weight     Defines the contingent of the advertising material of the delivery.

Requires script delivery    Determines that the advertising material may only be delivered via the script advertising space (no IFrames) see note.

Note: The entered code should be exactly reflected in the width and height of the denoted value, otherwise it could happen, that scroll bars appear or the design of the website is displaced, in which the advertising material will be displayed.In addition, the specified height and width must exactly match with the values of the advertising space, to be able to switch (just the HTML advertising material of the advertising space will be switched, which has exactly the same size).

Note for  the script delivery:  In some cases it will be necessary to establish, that an advertising material will not be delivered via IFrame code on an advertising space, but only via script connection. Examples are the use of expandables (advertising material, which increase additionally over the actual size of the advertising material), tandem-Ads and other special formats.

Note repositioning: Because of different JavaScript interpretations of particular browser, this can lead to problems, if a HTML advertising material, which includes a script, should be repositioned. Although the AdServer will attempt to identify and to avoid this, but it is advisable in these cases to refrain the repositioning of the AdServer and instead, to use the displayed script in such a way, that it makes automatically the positioning.

Note for the closing function: If a HTML layer has his own closing button or it will be automatically closed, then from the HTML code a JavaScript function must be invoked, which causes the hiding of the layer codes.If in the settings of the advertising material in closing function nothing entered, so is the name of the closing function "closeAd () ". If another name was implemented in the HTML code, then the corresponding value have to be deposited at the AdServer.If e.g. the closing function "closeLayer()" is named in the HTML code, then the name "closeLayer" (without quotations marks) have to be deposited as a value for the closing function at the AdServer.