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The AdServer allows you to simply upload a code file (Text or HTML file, which contains the advertising material codes and e.g. which were sent to you from the customer) and the contained advertising material codes in the file are automatically inserted into the campaign. In this case quite similar to the banner upload with the normal advertising material (GIF/ JPEG / SWF).

Similarly to the banner upload, you upload at first this code file to the AdServer.Choose at first a campaign in which the advertising material should be added as well as the number of files you want to upload.In the second step you select the file(s) which should be uploaded.The AdServer will analyze this file and break down the contained codes. On the penultimate page of the import process, all found codes are listed there.Here you have the opportunity to do once again some changes at the code or to indicate the name of the advertising material or to change the height / width.Here you should try, if the click tracking is working correctly and if not to adjust it (the advertising material preview displays your changes immediately).

Please note:

  • The import process does not work with any code file from all AdServern.You will be notified, if a file was not recognized as such and you must paste the contained advertising material in this file by hand.
  • The import process attempts to identify the type of AdServer advertising material and to equip appropriate placeholders, so that  a click tracking is possible.But this does not always work smoothly and with all AdServer providers. Therefore you should control in each case the click tracking.
  • Some AdServer provide several code options for a single advertising material, to involve these.The import process will try in such a case to choose the best option.
  • Only the Files with the endings .htm, .html und .txt are supported.Should you get the code file via email, firstly you must save these as htm(l).txt and then it have to be imported.

Supports AdServer types 
Current automatically recognized and supported:

  • AdSpirit
  • Atlas
  • Adition
  • Advolution
  • DoubleClick
  • Heias
  • AdTech
  • Emediate