Add banner per upload
banner, upload, imageserver
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With this method you can load multiple banner direct to the image server and integrate them into the campaign.

  1. Select the campaign, to which the advertising material should be added and also the number of the uploaded files.Principle all kinds of files can be uploaded.Zip files are automatically extracted, if the file extension is ".zip".
  2. All extracted and uploaded files will be afterwards tested to the size and displayed.The display corresponds the CSV, to add banners.The system automatically detects flash files and attempts to these, to assign the most suitable GIF or JPEG advertising material as alternative graphic.If no mapping can be found, then this have to be done manually.
  3. Add now the click and tracking URLs and empty the files which should not to be inserted.Empty columns will not be added.You can simply add the files per drag&drop from the list above into the box.
  4. If all settings are made, then the banner will be automatically loaded onto the image server and the campaign will be integrated.
Important: If multiple files with the same name should be uploaded, this only works, when these are located within a zip file in different subdirectories. If you separate upload two files of the same name, the first file will be overwritten by the second.