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CampaignCampaign, which is assigned to the advertising material.
Name of the banner (serves only for recognition e.g. within the statistics).
Banner URL   
As banner-URL, the URL will be specified as GIF, JPEG, PNG or SWF file, which  will be displayed later.The deposited file must have the height and width, which is stated under the height and width (is automatically determined if you add the banner).
Click  destinationAs click destination the URL is specified, on which the visitor will be directly linked after clicking on the advertising material.Instead of a click URL can be possibly multiple click URLs deposited.See for this the part " Multiple-click URLs" in the chapter "Special features of flash advertising materials".
FlashUnless this is about an flash advertising material (SWF file into the Banner URL), then this option must be enabled and an alternative graphic entered. The alternative graphic must have the same format (height and width) like the flash file and be available as GIF, JPEG, or PNG.
Alternative graphic (flash)
Alternative graphic is displayed to those users who have not installed Flash.                                                                   
Tracking-URLThe tracking URL denotes the URL of an external tracking images. If it possible for the customer to use a second counting source of the insertions, then this can be set via this tracking URL.In the practice this serves to avoid unnecessary traffic on the servers of the customer:The advertising material will be directly hosted by the marketer, so that the customer can still count the views, will be a tracking pixel  integrated. The URL of this pixel is specified in the field tracking URL.
StatusDetermines whether an advertisement will be delivered or not.Advertising material with the status active will be only delivered.
Active from/to Determines from what point in time the status of this advertising material will switch from ready to active and vice versa. Advertising material with the status disabled will not be automatically converted.

Determines whether the position of the banner should be supplementary changed.Available are "do not change" and "relative" and "absolute."

relative: The advertisement will be relative to the position where it had been, without repositioning, postponed.The information left = 100, top = 200 means that the advertising material will be moved 100 pixels to the left and 200 pixels down.

absolute:The advertisement will be absolutly placed on the margin of the window.The information left = 100, top = 200 means that the advertisement will be exactly placed at the position of 100x200 from the top left margin.

Please note:Repositioning will apply only if the advertising is displayed per script, with the use of IFrames, the advertising will not be repositioned.

Left/TopDistance to the left or top of the new positioned advertising material.
Deliver as layer
Determines whether the advertising material will be delivered as a layer than as a banner. Advertising material marked as layer, will not be longer delivered via a banner advertising space, but only via a popup / popunder / layer advertising space.
Display closingDetermines whether a close button (IAB standard) will be displayed right above the layer.
Flashlayer closeDetermines the name of the JavaScript function that was used for the closure of the layer. (see notes below)
WidthWidth of the banner (the box will be displayed, just after the adding).
HeightHeight of the banner (the box will be displayed, just after the adding).
WeightThe weight describes the proportion of an advertising material in the campaign compared to other advertising material with the same format (see weight).
Alternative text
The alternative text defines a text, which should be deposited at the banner, as long as this can not be loaded.

Note: If you are using Flash advertising material the size will be determined based on the alternative graphics.

Note flashlayer close: If a flashlayer has his own closing button or it will be automatically closed, then from the flash advertising material itself a JavaScript function must be invoked, which causes the hiding of the layer codes. (otherwise at some browers, a white box will remain behind at the position of the layer). In a flash advertising material should be following ActionScript code implemented for closing the layers.

on(release){ getURL("Javascript:closeAd()","_self"); }

If in the settings of the advertising material in Flashlayer close nothing entered, so is the name of the closing function "closeAd () ". If another name was implemented in flash, then the corresponding value have to be deposited at the AdServer. If e.g. the closing function "closeLayer()" is named in flash, then the name "closeLayer" (without quotations marks) have to be deposited as a value for the flashlayer close at the AdServer.