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When using direct booking (code-center), a particular Creative will be directly assigned to a placement. In practice this method is used, when bookings should be shared with third parties (marketer /websites) and they can not work with IFrames and scripts of the AdServer. Using the direct booking, for each creative a valid graphic- and  click-URL can be created and passed to the third party.

Practical examples: You want to pass a campaign (just these) to another marketer, so that he can take care for additional clicks. This can be done in two ways:

  1. You create for the marketer a new user, new website and a new placement and book the placement accordingly. The marketer gets the normal IFrame or script code like any other normal webmaster. Disadvantage:Unless the campaign has a number of creatives per format, the marketer can not select these directly.
  2. You create for the marketer a new user, new website and new placements and afterwards you go to the code- center to generate separate URL´s for this campaign. The marketer obtains for this campaign: specific URLs for click and view counting, delivery of creatives, banner URL etc.. Advantage:The creatives can be directly passed to the marketer, where they will be directly linked.
Please note: The list of graphic and click- URLs are done without prior examination. Before you will pass these, you should check, if they lead to the actually corresponding graphics - at popups a graphic URL will be displayed, but no graphic will be stored, the graphic is just used for ViewIntegrate Tracking.