Advertising material
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Basically, the AdServer controls:

  • normal banners, graphics files, in GIF, JPG, PNG or SWF 
  • HTML banner and any HTML codes
  • JavaScript (e.g. for external layer)
  • Popups, popunder, (DHTML-) layer

Banner can be created in 3 ways:

  1. The banner is already on a server (e.g. of the customer) and will just be added. 
  2. Several banner were already loaded on a (customer) server and everything will be inserted with using a CSV file.
  3. One or more banner are available as a file and will be uploaded and inserted automatically.

Normally the 3 option will be used, because a campaign consists of a number of advertising materials, which are directly delivered from the customer. This has the advantage (that it can be ensured)  that the banner can be displayed with sufficient speed.

HTML advertising material

A HTML advertising material is ultimately nothing more than a normal HTML code, which is generally prepared, if you will click on it, then you will be forwarded to your advertised website. In addition, HTML advertising material is particular always used, when campaigns will be used from various AdServer manufacturers (marketer A will pass his campaign to marketer B but both would like to count the number of clicks and views).

The use of HTML advertising material is relatively complicated. To guarantee a smooth process, you will need good HTML skills and also good knowledge about the AdServer.


In addition to banner and HTML advertising material, popups will play a special role. Here you can distinguish between popups (foreground window), popunder (window in the background) and layer (window inside the actual page). Also again between popups / popunder, which will opens by calling up or leaving the page (also called ExitUps). In general, popups and popunder will be used togehter with an alternative layer: If the popup/popunder will be inhibited by a popup blocker, then the layer will be displayed. Through this you will massively increase the reach of the advertising and also the earnings, because a lot of visitors are using these blockers.

Content of such an advertisement can either be an ordinary HTML Code (this is everything what a normal homepage also could do) or an external URL (generally the website of the customer) is loading and will be displayed at the popup.

JavaScript advertising material

JavaScript advertising material is similar to HTML advertising material, just with the difference, that it is about the JavaScript code instead of the HTML code. JavaScript advertising material will be used for example for external popup scripts or special layer and they are relatively rare. Also placeholders have an elevated role, here.